Slip & Fall

What is Slip & Fall injury


Slip and Fall, also known as trip and fall cases, are typically “premises liability” cases. What does that mean? That means someone, or an entity, or an organization failed to keep their property in safe condition, and this failure led to injury. In simple terms, someone messed up and you were hurt. These cases can come in a wide variety of circumstances, for instance, someone invites you to their home and fails to warn you of a faulty step. Or a crack in a city sidewalk causes someone to trip and hurt their ankle. If you’re hurt, and want to know if you have a cause of action, simply give us a call. We have people standing by to talk to you.

Slip and fall cases examples:

  1. Unsafe or Broken sidewalks a city failed to repair led to a pedestrian’s injury
  2. A homeowner failed to warn of tripping hazards or potholes on their property causing injury to a guest.
  3. A supermarket owner fails to clear a spill causing a patron to slip.


Filing a Lawsuit

Personal injury cases often have three stages in which we try to settle your case.

  1. Pre-litigation: 
    • Pre-litigation is the stage before a lawsuit is filed. We’ll contact the insurer or the party that caused the accident or injury and try to reach a financial compromise that
  2. Litigation
    • Litigation initiates once the lawsuit is filed (this must be done within two years to avoid missing the statute of limitations). At this stage you case is officially in court. We’ll walk you through deposition and any requests for discovery served upon you by defense counsel. Rest assured, we’ll be on your side the whole time.


Getting Treatment For Your Injuries

Oftentimes clients are concerned they will not be able to pay for the medical bills associated with their accident. Many healthcare providers will work on “lien” meaning they will defer asking for payment until after your case has settled. Nearly all of our clients end up paying 0 out of pocket for their medical bills.



We always discuss up front the costs and fees associated with each stage of the litigation process. This includes what we expect your case is worth, how much you can expect to take away, and how much will go to any lingering medical bills. We are open and honest when it comes to the financial side of your case.


How Much Does it Cost

We only take cases on what is called a CONTINGENCY BASIS, that means, we only get paid if you do. That means our fates are tied, we want to do better for you because it means we also do better.


Statute Of Limitations

Statute of Limitations is the amount of time after an incident a individual has to file a lawsuit.

Do not go into this alone. 

Let the attorneys at Nordanyan Law fight for you and for the compensation you deserve.