What Benefits is an Injured Worker Entitled to Receive?

You are entitled to benefits if you have suffered an injury at work and it does not matter if the injury is a specific injury, cumulative trauma injury or harmful exposure injury. Specific Injuries are the most straight forward injuries and can be traced to a single incident that happened such as a fall, a lifting of a box, or an auto accident. Cumulative Injuries sometimes develop over time and are caused by repetitive motions or heavy labor that eventually develops into pain. Harmful Exposure Injuries tend to be one where someone was exposed to harmful chemicals, fumes, and/or liquids. As long as the injuries were arising under or in the course of employment you are enabled to receive certain benefits.These benefits include Medical Treatment, Reimbursement for Mileage, Temporary Disability Payments, Permanent Disability Payments, and Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers.  (more…)